[G] Vixxtagram : The Story Begins

New year, new story.

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[CHRISTER] Second Confession


Second Confession

by tyavi

VIXX Ravi and Noranitas OC’s Yoanne

Romance,  failed!Fluff | Ficlet | G

©2016 tyavi’s CHRISTER

Summary :

Ah, I like you so much, I can’t control myself

You with such pretty hearts, be my baby

(VIXX – Milky Way)

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[CHRISTER] Love is In The Air


Love is In The Air

by tyavi

VIXX Ravi and Noranitas OC’s Yoanne

Romance, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort | Vignette | G

©2015 tyavi’s CHRISTER

Soundtrack :

Jelly Christmas 2015 – Love is In The Air

Summary :

“Setidaknya cobalah untuk mencintai dirimu sendiri hari ini.”

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Accidentally Family (Chapter 9)


Accidentally Family


VIXX Leo aka Jung Taekwoon and Red Velvet Irene aka Bae Joohyun

Romance, Mariage life, Family, Life | Chaptered | PG13

Disclaimer : Poster dan storyline murni milik Author (Jung Taekwoon juga milik Author hehe).

Don’t like the cast? Just read the story ^^

Prolog | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7| 8

Summary :

“Thank you for being born.”

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