[Warm Up Fict] A Secret Date in Osaka


 [Warm Up Fict] A Secret Date in Osaka



VIXX Leo and  Red Velvet Irene

Romance, Fluff, Idol life | Ficlet | PG17

Summary :

You dating food or me?”

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[Warm Up Fict] Mr. and Mrs. Watermelon



[Warm Up Fict] Mr. and Mrs. Watermelon


VIXX Leo and  Red Velvet Irene

Romance, Fluff, Idol life | Ficlet | PG13

Summary :

“Then we should be called watermelon couple.”

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[Let it Snow] Winter Confession



Winter Confession

©2016 tyavi’s Let it Snow Ficlet Series

[iKON] Chanwoo and [Soloist] Shannon Williams

Romance, Fluff | Ficlet Series | PG

Soundtrack :

Sung Sikyung, Park Hyosin, Seo Inguk and VIXX – Winter Confession

Summary :

On the day the first snow came

I called you

Because I want to tell the happiest things

to you first

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To Heaven


To Heaven

by tyavi


[VIXX] Leo and [Red Velvet] Irene

Romance, slightFluff, Sad, Hurt/Comfort, AU! | Ficlet | G

Disclaimer :

Diadaptasi dari lirik lagu Jo Sung Mo – To heaven

Summary :

It won’t take that long until we meet in that place where there’s no goodbye.

Until then, just wait for me a little longer.

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