Chaeyoung’s White Day


Chaeyoung’s White Day


Chaeyoung merasa bahwa alih-alih membalas hadiah valentinenya, Eunwoo justru hendak balas dendam.

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[GLS] #7 Leaving On A Jetplane


©2016 tyavi’s GLS (Greatest Love Song) Tracklist Fict

Day6 Dowoon and Gfriend Sowon

Romance, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort | Drabble | G

Tracklist #7 Leaving On A Jetplane – John Denver

Summary :

“So kiss me and smile for me. Tell me that you’ll wait for me.”

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[BTS] Suga, Taehyung, Jin, Jungkook, [Lovelyz] Jiae, Sujeong, [The Ark] Minju, [Astro] Eunwoo, [Twice] Chaeyoung, Nayeon, [Red Velvet] Irene, [VIXX] Leo, Shannon Williams and [iKON] Chanwoo

Romance, Fluff, School life, AU!, slight!Comedy | Drabble-mix | PG-13

Summary :

“I wish I knew what is going on inside your head.”

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